Episode 75: What's the Latest with Neural MT?

with Renato and Michael on Mar 13, 2019 10:45:00 AM

Status of Neural MT

Ready for more on NMT? In this episode of Globally Speaking, John Tinsley, CEO and co-founder of Iconic Translation Machines, talks with us about how neural machine translation (NMT) has finally transcended the hype, why it’s ready for prime time, and all the new doors that are being opened in this space. John says it’s ‘100% the right time’ to get into NMT.

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John Tinsley

About John Tinsley

Stemming from his love of cutting-edge language technology, John co-founded Iconic Translation Machines at the end of 2012. He customizes neural machine translation engines for use across a wide variety of industries and use cases, including IT, Life Sciences and automotive fields. John graduated from Dublin City University in 2009 with a PhD in Computer Science, specializing in machine translation.

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