Episode 79: The Localization Contrarian

with Renato and Michael on May 8, 2019, 10:45:00 AM


In this episode of Globally Speaking, we chat with Luigi Muzii, the well-known localization contrarian, about how translation buyers and sellers will never understand each other, why we’re having trouble adopting blockchain, and why we struggle with innovation in our industry. There’s also a bit about ice cream.

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About Luigi Muzii

Luigi Muzii is a business consultant, technology expert, tech writer, terminologist, localizer and translator. He began his career in the language industry since 1982 and in his current role as a business consultant, Luigi helps customers choose and implement best-suited technologies and redesign their business processes for translation- and localization-related work for maximum efficiencies. You can check out Luigi's blog at http://www.s-quid.it/blog.

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