Episode 82: The Customization Conundrum

with Renato and Michael on Jun 19, 2019 10:45:00 AM

The Connector Conundrum

In this episode of Globally Speaking, we chat with Yan Yu, Daniel Chin and Scott Schwalbach of Spartan Software about how no single translation management systems (TMS) will meet all the needs of a localization program, why API integration between tools isn’t enough and why custom development of TMS and content management systems (CMS) is crucial to a successful localization program.

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About Spartan Software

Spartan Software provides consulting services and technology solutions for globally focused organizations of all sizes. Specifically, they customize translation management systems (TMS), create localization workflows for all major TMS, integrate TMS to content management systems (CMS) and develop custom solutions.

Yan Yu, an industry expert with nearly 20 years’ experience, founded Spartan Software in 2008 and currently serves as the CEO. Yan holds a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA.

Daniel Chin is the Chief Operating Officer at Spartan Software. In addition to a career as a software engineer and technical consultant, he has nearly 15 years of localization experience.

Scott Schwalbach is the Customer Experience Manager at Spartan Software. Working in the localization industry for over a decade, Scott calls himself a ‘localization, globalization and customer experience disruptor.’ He holds a degree in Computer Science.

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