Episode 84: Around-the-clock Innovation

with Renato and Michael on Jul 17, 2019 10:45:00 AM


In this episode of Globally Speaking, we chat with Ultan O’Broin, long-term IT Product Manager, about the staggering rate of change, how innovation is related to empathy and how to get started. Plus, learn what a crapplication is and why he wears three watches.

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Ultan OBroin

About Ultan O'Broin

Ultan O’Broin is an experienced IT product manager who has worked in the discipline since 1996, including 19 years at Oracle. His expertise includes discovery, solution framing and product deployment. He has been published in Chatbots Magazine, Sense About Science, Forbes, ACM Digital Library and the Journal of Usability Studies and holds several US patents. A real thought leader in innovation, his passions include conversational computing, NLP, innovation, creativity and storytelling.

Ultan holds a Master’s Degree in Management of Information Systems from Trinity College in Dublin and a Master of Business Studies in HR from University College in Dublin.

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