Episode 90: Talking Transcription — Part 3

with Renato and Michael on Oct 9, 2019 10:45:00 AM

Talking Transcription Part 3

To wrap up our series on transcription, we invited Sam Liang, Founder and CEO of Otter.ai, to talk about his company’s innovative transcription technology. He discusses the wide variety of use cases for his service, how he’s combined speech-to-text and neural language processing and how he sees transcription technology evolving in the future.

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About Sam Liang

Sam Liang founded Otter.ai in 2016 and since then, Otter’s transcription app has gone on to receive many accolades, including Google’s Best App of 2018. Prior to Otter, Sam was also the Founder and CEO of Alohar Mobile, Inc., which was later acquired by Alibaba, and has worked at Google, Autonavi, Cisco and Tropos Networks. Sam has a Bachelor’s of Science from Peking University, a Master’s of Science from the University of Arizona and a PhD from Stanford University.

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