Globally Speaking is a podcast for anyone interested in translation, localization, internationalization and globalization issues. Check out our list of past podcasts below!

Podcast 072: What Does Blockchain Have to Do with Localization?

Podcast 071: Localizers of the Future

Podcast 070: Wrangling Your Global Content

Podcast 069: What's in Store for the Translation Industry in 2019?

Podcast 068: How to Understand and Embrace AI

Podcast 067: Tracking Data to Prove ROI

Podcast 066: Selling Software in Today's Localization Landscape

Podcast 065: A Big Brand's Small Start to a Successful Localization Program

Podcast 064: Proving the ROI of Localization

Podcast 063: Making the Most of Localization Events and Conferences

Podcast 062: How Do Cultural Codes Affect Business?

Podcast 061: A Peek Inside the Canadian Translation Bureau

Podcast 060: How to Get Started in B2B Marketing

Podcast 059: The Evolution of Interpretation

Podcast 058: The Evolution of Tools and Teams in a Growing Loc Program

Podcast 057: Sympathy for the Traitor: The Art of Literary Translation (Part Two)

Podcast 056: Sympathy for the Traitor: The Art of Literary Translation (Part One)

Podcast 055: Advancing the TAUS Dynamic Quality Framework (DQF)

Podcast 054: Saving Latin America's Endangered Languages

Podcast 053: How Netflix Localizes (Brilliantly!) for Kids in Japan

Podcast 052: Where do You Fit in the MT Maturity Model?

Podcast 051: How to Evolve Localization from Tactics to Strategy

Podcast 050: Localization in Japan

Podcast 049: Best Practices for Getting Paid

Podcast 048: Will TAPICC Become an Industry Standard for Translation APIs?

Podcast 047: Ethics in Machine Translation

Podcast 046: How to Combine Content Strategy with Localization

Podcast 045: The General Theory of the Translation Company

Podcast 044: The Logic of Localizing African Languages

Podcast 043: Managing the Language Services at SAP

Podcast 042: Localization as a Humanitarian Effort: The Wondrous Vision of the Virtual Assistant Circle

Podcast 041: Forecast 2018: What's Ahead for the Language Industry?

Podcast 040: How to Be Globally Appropriate, Locally Relevant (and Avoid Cultural Mistakes)

Podcast 039: Is Remote Interpretation Getting Closer to the Norm?

Podcast 038: How Salesforce Drives a Global Localization Engine

Podcast 037: Putting 'Culturalization' on the Localization Map

Podcast 036: Technology in the World of Translation

Podcast 035: Building a Global Infrastructure

Podcast 034: Endangered Alphabets

Podcast 033: Pricing—Addressing the Elephant in the Room

Podcast 032: A Conversation with Adolfo Hernandez

Podcast 031: The Rise of Interpretainment

Podcast 030: Localizing for the Netflix Effect

Podcast 029: Translation and the Ebola Crisis: How We Can Help

Podcast 028: Music and Localization: Fine-Tuning the Universal Language

Podcast 027: The Four P's of Global Content Marketing

Podcast 026: Localizing the Revolution in Global Travel…the Airbnb Way

Podcast 025: Speaking of MultiLingual

Podcast 024: Localization in the World of Gaming

Podcast 023: Regulation, Process and Profit: A Look at Localization in Life Sciences

Podcast 022: The Challenge of Neural MT: Part III

Podcast 021: The Challenge of Neural MT: Part II

Podcast 020: The Challenge of Neural MT: Part I

Podcast 019: 2017 Translation Industry Forecast Part Two, Deux, Dos, Zwei, Èr

Podcast 018: How to Compete With Global Brands

Podcast 017: Why Are Private Equity Firms Buying LSPs?

Podcast 016: What’s in Store for the Translation Industry in 2017?

Podcast 015: Unpacking Localization Strategies for a Global Hospitality Brand 

Podcast 014: Localizing Marketing Content Beyond Borders

Podcast 013: Top Localization Do's and Dont's

Podcast 012: What Does it Mean to be Truly Global?

Podcast 011: What Makes a World-Class Global Marketing Professional?

Podcast 010: What about Sales?

Podcast 009: When Translation Saves Lives: The Vision of Translators without Borders

Podcast 008: Why Don’t Journalists Use Professional Translators? A Conversation with Lane Greene

Podcast 007: An In-Depth Unconference Report

Podcast 006: Why is Global Branding so Hard? And so Worth It?

Podcast 005: How Localization Skyrockets Growth

Podcast 004: Crowdsourcing: Convenience or Confusion?

Podcast 003: How do Top Hospitality Brands Engage Local Travelers on a Global Scale?

Podcast 002: Why is Monterey Called the Language Capital of the World?

Podcast 001: Will I Have a Job Five Years from Now?