Podcast 003: How Do Top Hospitality Brands Engage Local Travelers on a Global Scale?

with John Jimenez on Jun 8, 2016 8:05:10 AM

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Roughly 60% of international travelers now book their reservations online. Travelers who don't find what they’re looking for right away are far more likely to become lost opportunities than confirmed reservations. Global travel brands aren’t the only ones feeling the pressure. So are LSPs who provide global travel companies with translations and destination-specific content under tighter and tighter deadlines. John Jimenez, Portfolio Director of e-Commerce at Interstate Hotels & Resorts, joins us to discuss how digital marketing has changed the travel industry’s marketing priorities—and what it means for LSPs.

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John Jimenez

John Jimenez has served as the Portfolio Director of e-Commerce for Interstate Hotels and Resorts since September of 2013, after serving two years as the company’s marketing manager. He has more than ten years of marketing experience and has shared his knowledge of the industry with young minds, working as an adjunct professor at both Crossroads College and Inver Hills Community College in Minnesota. Jimenez holds an MBA in Business from Augsburg College.

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