Podcast 015: Unpacking Localization Strategies for a Global Hospitality Brand

with Sonya Zamborsky on Nov 23, 2016 1:08:00 PM

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The 80/20 rule. User-generated content. De-centralized translation management. Some of the strategies Marriott International uses to achieve its globalization goals are breaking new ground–not only for one of the world’s most respected brands, but also for the hospitality industry worldwide.

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Sonia Zamborsky

Sonia Zamborsky is the Director of Product Field Support and Communications, Digital Globalization for Marriott International. She has worked with Marriott for more than 10 years, helping the company build strong relationships with travelers across the globe. She's also an "intrepid world traveler with a passion for cross-cultural understanding and an innate talent for seeing the 'big picture.'"

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