Around the globe, digitization is constantly changing the ways in which we communicate. Companies today can reach customers more easily than ever. But building a successful global brand involves unlocking global understanding. Companies must communicate with customers in their language and build trust by creating culturally relevant content that resonates in every market.

Meeting these challenges requires that we stay abreast of the latest trends, developments and solutions. Globally Speaking is a podcast about the many ways in which language, culture, technology and business intersect, and the challenges associated with engaging with today’s hyper-connected consumer.

Over four seasons, the podcast will explore:

  1. What ‘global understanding’ really means
  2. How to use technology to go global faster
  3. The importance of cultural context
  4. How to craft successful global content

Our hosts and guests, featuring thought leaders and industry experts, bring a wealth of experiences relating to content, communications and customer engagement to the table. We air once a month.

Our goal is to unpack the challenges of breaking down language and communication barriers in order to help brands grow. We hope you’ll join us!