Globally Speaking Radio isn’t just about how we as language professionals can improve our skills. It’s also about building awareness of how important translation and localization services are in helping global brands succeed in foreign markets—no matter where their business takes them.

According to the market research and international consulting company Nimdzi Insights, the language business is now an industry worth over $50 billion—a staggering statistic that almost no one outside of the language industry knows about. In fact, the demand for language services is growing so rapidly, many experts predict we’ll soon be faced with a shortage of qualified linguistic talent. Yes, even in the wake of increasingly powerful machine translation.

When companies want to enter foreign markets and either can’t speak the language or don’t understand critical cultural differences, everybody loses. And our goal is to help change that. So stay tuned. Globally Speaking Radio is for anyone who wants to know more about the business of language. And hopefully that includes you!


Michael W. Stevens | Co-Host

Michael has over 10 years of experience in the localization and IT industries. A well-networked entrepreneur, Michael’s main interest is in connecting and bringing people together. He not only enjoys learning about a company’s exciting ideas and developments, he also has a keen ability to add value—and fire—to new and innovative thinking.

Renato Beninatto | Co-Host

Renato Beninatto is the coauthor of The General Theory of the Translation Company and leads Nimdzi Insights, a think-tank and consulting company that focuses on growth strategies for localization leaders. A former owner of an LSP, executive in some of the leading companies in the industry, and a linguist in his own right, this Brazilian-Italian-American citizen can't shut up in Portuguese, English, Italian, French, or Spanish.

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