147: AI Dialogues: can AI truly understand the world?

June 20, 2024

Have you ever wondered how many colours the human eye can distinguish? Around 1 million! Yet, language only has about 12 basic colour terms to describe them.

This leads us to the question: Can AI truly understand our world if it relies solely on linguistic training data? The reality is that language is an abstraction – an oversimplification of the world that doesn’t contain all the information humans have, such as visual or auditory information. So we cannot achieve true intelligence by training a model purely with language data.

Listen to our latest Globally Speaking episode as Marina Pantcheva and Emma Fisher dive deep into the theme of ‘GENUINE INTELLIGENCE™’, and discover why we need to use AI as a tool that enhances human capabilities but does not replace them.

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Marina Pantcheva

Marina Pantcheva

Director of Linguistic AI Services at RWS

Born into a multicultural family, Marina Pantcheva paired her multilingual background with an eccentric childhood dream that led her to mastering 11 languages…and still counting. After working as translator, educator, consultant, and founding her own language school, she turned to exploring the elementary particles of language in her PhD research on Nanosyntax. In 2014, Marina exchanged the academic life for the high-paced world of localization, and currently she is Director of Linguistic AI Services at RWS where she leads a high-performing team of linguistic AI professionals and researchers to develop linguistic AI solutions as part of RWS’ tech and service offering.


Emma Fisher

Emma Fisher

VP, Global Marketing at RWS

Leading RWS’s global content strategy, Emma is driven by B2H insight, digital content and customer behaviour trends, and content transformation strategies that elevate conversations with customers.

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