129: Understanding you, understanding me. How brands can unlock global understanding

January 03, 2023

Today’s fast-moving, hyper-connected world means that customers demand relevant content, meaningful communication, accurate information, instant access, and consistent and personalised experiences. And they want of this own language, 247, and on any device. In short, they want to understand you – and they want you to understand them. But how can companies unlock this level of understanding? Let’s break it down. Firstly, you need to have a relationship with your customer to unlock understanding. But you can’t build a relationship without trust. And you can’t build trust without communicating. This means that the language used across your communications needs to meet three criteria. This episode will explore the three criteria required to unlock global understanding: 

  • Culture: A deep understanding you only get from humans 
  • Content: Tech to understand data, channels, formats. Need to adopt a data-led marketing approach 
  • Consistency: Provide same experience, language, terms etc across any channel customers choose

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Renato Beninatto is the chairman and co-founder of Nimdzi Insights and the author of The General Theory of the Translation Company. With extensive experience in international consulting, market research, sales and marketing, he provides strategic direction that helps Nimdzi serve clients better worldwide. Renato has done a ton of stuff with a ton of companies, but what he really enjoys doing is helping companies think big and grow. He is based in Seattle, Washington.


Andrew Thomas

Andrew Thomas

Senior Director of Product Marketing

Andrew Thomas has been working in the software industry long enough to have seen localization and content management grow from one-off manual, labor-intensive work to complex, highly automated systems management.

Based out of Northern California, Andrew brings a wealth of knowledge and industry experience to his global team as Senior Director of Product Marketing at RWS. Off the clock, Andrew enjoys spending time with his family, writing poetry and collecting lego sets.

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