131: We’re humans. We want to connect.

March 06, 2023

It’s human nature to want to connect with family, friends and colleagues. This sentiment appears to extend to brands: 64% of consumers want brands to connect with them, according to research. But, to connect with consumers you need to build trust, communicate clearly and consistently – in their own language – and across their device of choice. When you have millions of customers, how can you ensure that you’re connecting with them individually in a way that builds trust? Here we speak to Paul McCabe, VP of Customer Experience at Roland Corporation’s, about the power of language and its role in customer excellence. Paul also discusses his company’s journey, from being completely dependent on human translation to building a machine-led localization service that delivers on the expectation that the customer experience should always align with the brand.

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Paul McCabe leads Customer Experience globally for Roland Corporation, a culture-driving maker of electronic musical instruments, video technology, and connected experiences. Paul has served Roland and its customers in many capacities over a 31-year career including Product Management and Marketing as well as COO and CEO of an international subsidiary. In 2022 Paul lead a global project team tasked with transforming Roland’s translation technologies and workflows, with an eye towards scaling-up the application of neural machine translation. Paul is a Canadian living with his family in Los Angeles CA.


Andrew Thomas

Andrew Thomas

Senior Director of Product Marketing

Andrew Thomas has been working in the software industry long enough to have seen localization and content management grow from one-off manual, labor-intensive work to complex, highly automated systems management.

Based out of Northern California, Andrew brings a wealth of knowledge and industry experience to his global team as Senior Director of Product Marketing at RWS. Off the clock, Andrew enjoys spending time with his family, writing poetry and collecting lego sets.

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