137: Localization lead on Google's International Growth Team

July 20, 2023

When it launched 25 years ago, coffee brand Tim Hortons did better than competitors in Quebec because it localized most of its content to make it more relevant to the market. On its coffee cups, the brand used to display the Toronto cityscape in anglophone Canada, which was replaced with Montreal for its Quebec launch. Similarly, a client in the US would like to see large streets in his advertising videos. A Parisian, on the other hand, would be more impacted by a landscape with narrow streets.

In this latest episode of the Globally Speaking Podcast, Marine Esquenet is joined by Richard Cronin, Localization lead at Google, to discuss how a brand as famous and offering as many diverse services as Google can help its clients make the right decisions and navigate through the complexities of growing internationally. Also find out what Richard has to say about the impact of the transition to AI on Google, on the industry in general, and on the new media Google has to work with.

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Richard Cronin

Richard Cronin

Localization Lead - Google

Richard is the Localization Lead on Google’s International Growth Team. Richard works with Google clients to enable their growth into new international markets consulting on their localization and international strategy. From setting up or optimizing localization operations, understanding the language landscape to marketing localization and culturalization. Having begun his career in Ireland before moving to San Francisco Richard understands the brings first hand international experience to his customers. He is passionate about helping brands engage their potential customers. Previously Richard worked in account management at Google developing video ad strategies for some of Google’s largest ads clients.


Marine Esquenet

Marine Esquenet

Social Media Specialist, RWS Group

Marine is RWS’s Social Media Specialist, responsible for developing and implementing the company’s global social media strategy.

After graduating as a translator from German and English into French, Marine did her internship at RWS in Berlin as a translator and terminologist. After her internship, she continued to work for the RWS Berlin office as a technical translator for 5 years while continuing to learn about marketing and social media. She then did some consulting for RWS as a social media specialist and became RWS’s social media manager in 2021, managing the company social media channels and community.

Marine has a degree in translation and terminology from the UCLouvain in Belgium. In her free time, she enjoys learning foreign languages, doing sport and taking a walk in the sun to discover cute coffee places. She is based in Madrid, Spain.

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