138: Scaling success with Linde: How localizing eLearning programmes engaged 8,000+ employees in just one year

Have you ever heard of gas technology? And how it impacts our everyday life?
Well, Linde’s gas and technologies are used, among other things, in Coca Cola, for oxygen masks and… to cool and freeze pizzas!

In this latest episode of the Globally Speaking podcast, Jordan Cockrell and Dora Jakopović sit with Lauren Wojtaszek and Manja Konschak-Steffes to talk about how they trained over 8,000 employees in a bit more than a year with their internal eLearning programme and why making it available in local languages played a key role in engaging learners and helping them feel seen and understood.

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Manja Konschak-Steffes

Manja Konschak-Steffes

Senior Transformation Manager at Linde

Manja Konschak-Steffes is Senior Transformation Manager working at Linde where she drives the digital footprint at Linde globally. As part of a dX Team she develops digital formats and trains agile ways of working to grow a community of digital Practitioners cross level within Linde globally - and to strengthen the consistency and maturity of employees’ daily use of digital tools and skills.

Lauren Wojtaszek

Lauren Wojtaszek

Instructional Design and Training Manager at Linde Technology

Lauren Wojtaszek is the Instructional Design and Training Manager at Linde Technology. She is a leading professional overseeing a team that designs training courses and materials for internal global audiences. This includes overseeing the execution of translation and localization of company-owned material supporting the skillset and success of its employees.


Jordan Cockrell

Jordan Cockrell

Global Operations Manager at RWS Group

Jordan is a Global Operations Manager at RWS Group. She is an experienced Operations Manager working with a range of major blue chip clients across the Globe. She is passionate about exceeding client’s expectations and her main focus is onboarding new customers and creating bespoke solutions based on individual needs. 
She enjoys working in a fast paced environment and is always looking for new ways to challenge herself.

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