135: Product localization in China: pitfalls and exciting trends

June 09, 2023

A third of the world’s websites are in English. And yet only 5% of Internet users speak English as their mother tongue. How can you, as a business, ensure that you are speaking to users in their own language and impacting their customer journey in a culturally relevant way?

In this episode, Marine Esquenet talks to Zhongjun GE, head of the localization team at ByteDance, who explains how China-based companies approach their localization strategies and what the most common pitfalls are for them when embarking on the internationalization journey. He also shares three main localization trends emerging in China when it comes to engaging with international audiences.

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Zhongjun Ge is leading a product localization team at ByteDance, and before that, he was Airbnb’s first localization manager in China, and founded Panda Translation, a Beijing-based boutique LSP. He is also the most influential localization evangelizer in China, with 7000+ followers across platforms.


Marine Esquenet

Marine Esquenet

Social Media Specialist, RWS Group

Marine is RWS’s Social Media Specialist, responsible for developing and implementing the company’s global social media strategy.

After graduating as a translator from German and English into French, Marine did her internship at RWS in Berlin as a translator and terminologist. After her internship, she continued to work for the RWS Berlin office as a technical translator for 5 years while continuing to learn about marketing and social media. She then did some consulting for RWS as a social media specialist and became RWS’s social media manager in 2021, managing the company social media channels and community.

Marine has a degree in translation and terminology from the UCLouvain in Belgium. In her free time, she enjoys learning foreign languages, doing sport and taking a walk in the sun to discover cute coffee places. She is based in Madrid, Spain.

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