143: The journey from translator to launching a language services provider. An insider’s view.

January 22, 2024

In this second Globally Speaking Podcast, dedicated to the localization supply chain, follow Rosario de Zayas Rueda’s fascinating journey as she explains how she started out as a translator and language specialist and ended up opening her own language services agency, completing a full cycle of professional development.

As she explains, in her early days in the localization industry, the role of a language specialist was nebulous. Like many of her peers at the time, Rosario had to navigate, figure everything out as she went along and fill in the gaps left by other people’s undefined job descriptions.

Discover how her passion for technology led her to set up her own LSP, where she pioneered with post-editing processes and machine translation – long before these advances gained global recognition. And finally, discover why sometimes it’s not about the quality of the translation but more about the quality of the business outcome.

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Rosario’s professional journey spans from freelancing for prominent global corporations to establishing herself as a successful entrepreneur.

Commencing her path after earning a degree in English Philology from her hometown university in Seville, she gained valuable experience as an intern, delving into the intricacies of linguistics. In 1995, Rosario’s exploration extended to Language Technology and Natural Language Processing (NLP) while contributing to a bilingual corpus for an early rule-based machine translation engine.

Guided by her innate enthusiasm for technology, Rosario naturally transitioned into the field of Localization. In 2007, she founded Tatutrad S.L., a distinguished language services provider. Initially centered on Iberian languages as a Single Language Vendors (SLVs), the company later broadened its scope to become a Multilingual Language Vendors (MLVs). Rosario, alongside her team of language experts, endeavors to streamline global operations for companies and Multinational Language Vendors (MMLVs) worldwide.

In addition to her entrepreneurial pursuits, Rosario assumes various roles within the translation industry. Not merely content with being the head of her company, she serves as a Board Member at ANETI (Spanish Association of Translation Companies), actively contributing to the sector’s direction. Furthermore, she engages in educational activities, sharing her wealth of knowledge as a teacher in several master’s degree programs. The university environment serves as a wellspring of inspiration for Rosario, providing the vitality needed to continuously expand her knowledge and impart valuable insights.


Andrew Thomas

Andrew Thomas

Senior Director of Product Marketing

Andrew Thomas has been working in the software industry long enough to have seen localization and content management grow from one-off manual, labor-intensive work to complex, highly automated systems management.

Based out of Northern California, Andrew brings a wealth of knowledge and industry experience to his global team as Senior Director of Product Marketing at RWS. Off the clock, Andrew enjoys spending time with his family, writing poetry and collecting lego sets.

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