126: The Story Behind the Globalization Strategy Playbook

February 23, 2022

In this episode of Globally Speaking, Robert Jelenic connects with Francesca Di Marco, a veteran in the localization industry who currently leads the internationalization and global development program for product and marketing at Pinterest.

Francesca tells us the story behind how twelve localization industry leaders came together to write the Globalization Strategy Playbook. The playbook attempts to connect the strategic-thinking process to real-life situations. Tune in and brainstorm how to turn your globalization strategy journey to global success for your multilingual customers and your company.

Check out the globalization strategy playbook here.

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The Story Behind the Globalization Strategy Playbook


Francesca Di Marco is a veteran in the localization industry, and currently the internationalization lead at Pinterest where she leads the internationalization and global development program for product and marketing. She is passionate about enabling teams to achieve global scale by integrating processes and strategies, and by bridging gaps across functions and regional offices. Francesca is a lifelong language nerd and a former lecturer on the History of Japan at Stanford University in the UK and Italy. In her spare time, she makes documentaries.


Robert Jelenic

Robert Jelenic

Global Marketing Director

Robert is a multilingual B2B marketing leader based in Germany. He’s held past and present leadership roles in technology, sales and marketing. He loves tackling important challenges, fixing big problems and developing and driving growth in a collaborative team environment. Robert is active on his blog.


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