111: Tinder Takes Dating Worldwide

January 13, 2021

In this episode of Globally Speaking, we talk to Andy Andersen, who is a leader in international growth at Tinder, the world’s largest online dating platform. Andy explains the mindset needed for global growth and gives us his tips on what makes Tinder successful at moving into new markets. He also shares interesting insights into how online dating is changing cultures worldwide. Tune in to hear all this and more.

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Andy Andersen is a leader in international growth at Tinder. He’s passionate about localization and has spent most of the last decade helping companies reach more people and expand into new markets. Andy is responsible for setting up the localization program at Tinder that has helped the online dating platform become the biggest in the world. He has a degree in International Studies (Global Diplomacy) from Louisiana State University and is a huge advocate and supporter of endangered language preservation.


Jim Compton is a localization industry maven with over 25 years of multi-faceted experience and a reputation as an innovator and passionate problem-solver. He’s developed and implemented solutions to address the growing global content needs of an evolving market. He is currently the RWS Manager of the Technology Partnerships Program.

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