James Scutt

Principal XM Catalyst, Qualtrics XM Institute

James Scutt is a Principal XM Catalyst with Qualtrics XM Institute. Recognized as one of Europe’s leading Experience Management experts and CX Leader of the Year, James has a highly successful background spanning Government, Retail, Financial Services, and Hospitality industries. Prior to joining Qualtrics, James was Head of Customer Experience Strategy and Deployment at the UK Post Office where he successfully led customer experience transformation activity across Europe’s largest retail network of over 11,500 branches. He started his career as an award-winning Chef, the basis of which underpins his approach to human-centric experience management. Based in London, James is a highly rated keynote speaker, engaging audiences across a range of high profile events, and is a member of the Board of Directors of the Customer Institute as well as a Non-executive Director and Committee Chair.

James Scutt

You’d be forgiven for thinking that brands with a physical presence will always be trusted more than companies that only offer an online store. Things are now changing.

According to our latest research, 58% of global consumers now trust global …

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