Stefan Huyghe

Born in Antwerp Belgium, Stefan grew up speaking Dutch at home. He moved to the French part of Switzerland as a teenager and went to school at the International School of Bern, in the German speaking capital. That makes up the 4 languages he speaks fluently: Dutch, French, German and English.

As a dual citizen (both American and Belgian passports) Stefan possess in depth knowledge of cultural differences between both continents. Furthermore, he has lived all over the United States (San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, San Jose and currently Dallas)

Stefan has been working in the localization industry since the late 90 for a variety of Language Service providers. He helps companies sell and market internationally, launch products abroad, determine marketing strategies. Essentially he helps Americans understand Europeans and vice versa.

Stefan Huyghe

In this episode of Globally Speaking, Monica Merel connects with Stefan Huyghe, a localization VP and trailblazer in the industry. In this conversation, we explore the evolution of localization and if Language Operations is the right step forward for … Read more

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