11: What Makes a World-Class Global Marketing Professional?

September 28, 2016

What does it take to be a truly effective global marketer? Dr. Nitish Singh discusses the educational divide between digital marketing and localization–and what LSPs can do to bridge the gap. Is certification the solution or is real-world experience enough? Join us as we take a closer look at this important issue.

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An associate professor at St. Louis University, Dr. Singh explains the educational divide between digital marketing and localization. He also discusses whether certification is necessary or real-world experience is enough to bridge the gap between global marketers and LSPs.


Renato Beninatto

Renato Beninatto

CEO of Nimdzi Insights LLC

Renato Beninatto is the co-author of The General Theory of the Translation Company and leads Nimdzi Insights, a think-tank and consulting company that focuses on growth strategies for localization leaders. A former owner of an LSP, an executive in some of the leading companies in the industry and a linguist in his own right, this Brazilian-Italian-American citizen can’t shut up in Portuguese, English, Italian, French or Spanish.

Michael W. Stevens

Michael W. Stevens

Vice President Americas, CC of Translated

Michael has over 10 years of experience in the localization and IT industries. A well-networked entrepreneur, Michael’s main interest is in connecting and bringing people together. He not only enjoys learning about a company’s exciting ideas and developments, he also has a keen ability to add value—and fire—to new and innovative thinking.

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