Chui Chui Tan

Chui Chui Tan has been the Director of Beyo Global for the better part of 3 years after founding the company in August 2017. Prior to that, she gathered a wealth of UX/CX experience, working within the culturalization industry for a total of 13 years. She has guided countless organizations, including Spotify, Asana and Marriott, towards success in global markets using her extensive knowledge of international research to grow client bases. She is a leading voice in culturalization and has authored a book on the subject entitled “International User Research”.

Chui Chui Tan

In episode 99 of Globally Speaking, Matthew Cottingham, Global Program Director, sits down with Chui Chui Tan, Founder and Director of Beyo Global. We take a deep dive into culturalization and its role in developing global business strategies. Chui …

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